Took From A Vintage Furniture Shop At Hoxton London

I interested in the decoration of the surface of this vintage table. Very special and graphic surface design in the table, the graphic painting might be decorated after it sold before. In the other words, it could be an old stuff’s refreshment. I think the people who decorated it enjoys a colourful style and comic. In addition, i like the black colour in the top of the table, it makes a strong contrast between the colourful table body. It seem to be funny but serious inside.


when we talking about how popular culture makes us smart we have to refers to how the digital media or mass media effects our life in the past 30 years. The digital medial such as television, pc, Internet has became an essential part of every day stuff. wherever you go, you can find people use laptops in the Cafe and the advertisement runs on the TV. I think these kinds of media delivery much information what people need and we use it in our daily life as a general knowledge. Take Youtube for example, people shares much information and ideas at this smart channel, you can even find out millions resources which you looking for and see it. Or sometimes i learn many technique skills about my major from YouTube. In other words, this is how YouTube teach me. doesn’t it? In my point of view, the informational society effect us and makes us smart, rather than the culture itself.